About Us

My kennel name is DROGHEDA (pronounced drŏg ·· duh), taken from the name of the sheep station in the book "The Thornbirds". I liked the name, no other reason; yeah it is kind of hard to pronounce and spell if you are not familiar with it.

My husband and I raise Great Danes, primarily Fawns and Brindles, in the Austin Texas area. My Great Dane bloodlines consist of the best of American and Canadian pedigrees. I show these awesome critters and my husband drives us to the shows. When necessary he will even take a dog in the ring for me.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing pictures of the Great Danes that condescend to live in our home with us and pictures of other Danes that I own or co-own and photographs of those that have gone on ahead of us.
The Drogheda breeding program is based upon outstanding health clearances of beautiful dogs with correct and sound movement.

I hope you enjoy the fabulous picture pedigree database attached for every dog (Tuesday's Sample).

For more information please feel free to contact me in person by phone or by e-mail.

Julia Huffstetter Kerr (512) 773-5176

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